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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helluva Halloween Challenge

I've decided, in the spirit of my favorite holiday (which is sneaking up on me this year, just as it does every year -- and really, I would expect nothing less of such a holiday) that I am going to have a Halloween Challenge.

From here until October 31st, I am going to try to read as many scary or supernaturally themed books as I can, review all those I read (well, we'll see how long that "all" lasts...), and maybe squeeze in a scary movie or two as well. I'm also going to try to post on some Halloween related subjects, and maybe snag some Halloweeny interviews. I have no set goal, just the general Halloween overkill (get it? overkill), and the more I get through, the better.

Potentially, the more I get through, the better for you, too. Depending on how many reviews I do, and how many comments I get on them, I may decide to host a giveaway or two...

I would also love it if you would participate. Again, there are no set rules, you can read what you want, review what you want, etc. It doesn't have to be anything official, but if you do read something Halloween appropriate, and you do happen to review it, why not stop by and let me (and the rest of the world) know?

Again, if enough people stop by and leave their reviews, that may develop into yet another giveaway. (So the ball's in your court, guys.)

I'm going to leave that pretty little picture up there as a button in my sidebar, so if you want to add a review or find a list of links of the books I'm reading and reviewing for the challenge, just push the button. Also, if you want to steal it for yourself and join the challenge on your own blog, please do. Just link back so I (and again, the world) know and can follow along!

Happy Haunting, y'all!

The list:

My Stuff:
Spotlight On: Zombies
Spotlight On: Ghosts
Spotlight On: Ghouls
Spotlight On: Witches
Spotlight On: Haunted Houses
Spotlight On: Shapeshifters
Spotlight On: Vampires

Anderson, M.T. Thirsty : vampires, celestial beings, forces of Darkness and/or Light, former gods
Armstrong, Kelley Bitten (to be reviewed): werewolves
Briggs, Patricia Moon Called : skinwalkers, werewolves, fae, vampires
Briggs, Patricia Blood Bound : skinwalkers, werewolves, fae, vampires, ghosts, sorcerers, demons
Briggs, Patricia Iron Kissed: skinwalkers, werewolves, fae, ghosts.
Gaiman, Neil The Graveyard Book : ghosts, murderers, vampires, werewolves, crypt beasts
Grahame-Smith, Seth Pride and Prejudice and Zombies : zombies
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Kiss of Shadows (to be reviewed): faeries, goblins, former-gods, cultists
Jenkins, A. M. Repossessed: demons, fallen angels, technically dead boys
Leitich Smith, Cynthia Eternal (to be reviewed): fallen angels, vampires, shape-shifters
Martinez, A. Lee Gil's All Fright Diner : zombies (human and bovine), vampires, werewolves, ghouls, Old Gods, sorceresses, minions, etc
McKinley, Robin Sunshine (to be reviewed): vampires, warlocks, demons, various oddments
Moeller-Masel, Christine Madame M Presents: Creepy Little Bedtime Stories (to be reviewed): various oddments, ghouls and whatnot.
Rees, Celia Witch Child: Witch Trials, creepy Puritans
Ryan, Carrie Forest of Hands and Teeth (to be reviewed): zombies
Stiefvater, Maggie Shiver (to be reviewed): werewolves
Smith, L. J. Secret Vampire (to be reviewed): vampires/lamia, witches
Whitcomb, Laura A Certain Slant of Light (to be reviewed): ghosts

Coraline (to be reviewed -- maybe)
Last House on the Left (to be reviewed -- maybe)
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (to be reviewed -- maybe)

The Kraken is the New Vampire...
Zombies: Motivated Capitalists?

Your Stuff:
Add your own Helluva Halloween link (book review, movie/tv show review, Halloween rant, whatev).
For everything you post as a follower, you earn points in my Helluva Halloween Contest:

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  1. That sounds great, I love good zombie, scary books..I'm gonna try and give it my best shot..so i'm gonna participate!

  2. O I have to think about this. Maybe I could read lots of witch tales. I like witch tales.

    This sounds like a totally fun challenge and I'm looking forward to your reviews. :)

  3. Just found your blog through vvb32 reads and your challenge! Woot, I'm all for it! I'll be putting it up on my blog soon!

  4. I'm joining in on the fun! I love this challenge! :)

  5. Here is my first post: my review of The Silver Kiss.


  6. Yay! And you can add your links to the posts through Mister Linky, too. I want everything easily clickable, so people can go check out everyone else's awesomeness!

  7. Awesome. Just come back and post whenever you review something or post something halloweenie! Nice to have you, Donna!

  8. Really looking forward to being scared to death with this one. Count me in vampire/werewolf/zombie girl!

  9. I'd love to join your challenge. Halloween is a favorite holiday around here! Sharing all the Halloween fun sounds like so much fun!

  10. Yay Misty ! I posted a link to your Helluva Halloween Challenge here on my blog. I'll also be posting reviews of spooky/hairy/toothy books all month, I called it October Boo...K Reviews ! It's amazing how Halloween (like Christmas) can get us so excited, I love it.

  11. I probably should have read this post before the contest one.. hahahaha. Oh well. :) I already put up a link! :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I talked about your challenge in a post but forgot to add the button to my sidebar. It's done now ! :)

  14. Thanks. The button is optional, but I was more talking about in the review. For each review you want counted, make sure that you provide the link here so I can check it out (and anyone else who wants to) and that in your actual review, you include the challenge in some way, either mentioning you read/reviewed it for the challenge, or tagging it at the end with the challenge, or linking back. Thanks. :)

  15. Misty! You have to read Haunted Lily before Halloween gets here! It's so perfect for your challenge and I know you will love it.

    - Natalee

  16. And wierd that you have someone named "natalierenae" on here... that's my name, too! :-)

    - Natalee

  17. Misty,

    Just dropping by to let you know that I just posted a contest for your Helluva Halloween Challenge. I'm excited. Yay! +5 entries for those participating in Helluva Halloween!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  18. Hiya Misty,

    I've posted your witches pic on my sidebar with link back to you at http://cherrymischievous.blogspot.com

    Cherry at Cherry Mischievous

  19. Hiya Misty,

    I've posted your witches pic on my sidebar with link back to you at http://cherrymischievous.blogspot.com

    Cherry at Cherry Mischievous

  20. Awesome, Cherry! Thanks for joining in. :)

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Hey there - linked to my guest post and the contest for your event! Thanks.


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